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Jason performs “Only A Mountain” on Raising America

Last week Jason visited Kyra Phillips on Raising America to perform a bit of his single Only A Mountain. Check out the video below!

Kyra also posted a little message about Jason’s visit on HLNTV.com. Here’s what she said:

We know Jason Castro from American Idol. We are familiar with his laid back energy, those long dreadlocks, that infectious smile and sweet presence.

I’m not surprised that his new CD is Christian music. He is a new dad, a man of faith and is trying to make his mark more through love than money.

Don’t get me wrong, he wants to be successful. But when you ask him about his family and his beautiful daughter Madeline… every ounce of Jason Castro sparkles.

That’s Raising America.

I hope you enjoy these personal links of his. I sure did.



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Jason Talks with ABC News

Jason stopped by ABC News to talk about his album, American Idol, his family, and more. Check out the video below!

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Interview & photos from visit to TouchTunes

On Monday Jason visited TouchTunes in NYC for an interview and acoustic performance. Unfortunately I have not found any videos from the event, but TouchTunes did add some great pictures to their Facebook! I have added the photos to the gallery and check out Jason’s interview with questions asked by fans below!

On Monday, the very talented Jason Castro visited the TouchTunes office to perform a few songs, check out our Virtuo jukebox and answer some questions from fans. His acoustic performance was simply breathtaking. After performing “Only A Mountain,” the title track and lead single from his newly-released album and “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again” from his 2009 debut record, he gave a haunting rendition of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” (bringing some of those in the office to tears!).

Following his performance, we held a Q&A session with questions asked by Jason’s fans on twitter. Here’s a recap of the interview:

Q: Shirley O (@ArtTeacher02) asked: Who is your biggest musical influence with the writing that you’re doing today?

JC: Thanks for the great question Shirley! Probably the most influential band on this album, specifically, would be Coldplay. I’ve been a longtime fan; their earlier music was really acoustic based and that’s how I learned how to play guitar, just by listening to acoustic versions of their songs.

Q: Gail R (@gailinroch) asked: Jason, can you tell us anything about your touring plans after WinterJam?

JC: We’re in the process of booking right now, so no concrete plans yet, but I will be touring for sure following WinterJam.

Q: Sibrina (@brinadawn91) asked: What do u do to help get through a tour while being away from your wife & daughter? It must be difficult at times?

JC: Yes, touring with a wife and daughter is definitely more difficult. I love being on the road and singing every night – it’s one of my favorite things to do – but then there is the other side: my family is back home, they don’t get to share this with me. The only way to really deal is to just get home as much as possible. But I am thankful for new technologies. Thanks to the internet we can actually see each other and talk.  My daughter is only 16 months old, but she knows how to use an iPhone so I FaceTime with her.

Q: Dakota (@zip2zap) asked: As a musician how do you define “success”?

JC: I think there are a lot of different ways to be successful as a musician, quite frankly. Even as much as just one show could be a huge success – when everything goes as it should and it just feels good. It’s a lot about feeling really, as a musician – if it feels good, it’s a success.

Q: Marissa (@sheakaneswaran) asked: What was it like being on American Idol and did it change you at all?

JC: Being on American idol was amazing; the experience of a lifetime.  Now being a few years down the road, when I watch it I think, “Did I really do this?” It’s a really neat memory that I cherish.  As far as changing me, it taught me a lot.  When I got there, I was 20 years old, I had been playing guitar for a year and singing about the same time, and felt really new to it all and that’s part of why I’m so grateful for the experience.  It just opened my eyes to a lot of things and it felt like I grew a lot.

Q: Danielle (@danielle22785) asked: Do you have any “rituals” that you do before going on stage?

JC:  Every day I do vocal warm-ups (which sound horrible!) but they do make a difference in my singing so I’ll spend a good 45 minutes on them.

Q: Amanda (@JCasTClark) asked: What would your advice be for someone struggling with religion & faith?

JC: For somebody struggling with religion and faith, I would say take comfort in that struggle because I think everybody does [struggle] at some point, and I think that is what helps solidify what you believe. If you’re in that struggle, I would encourage you to keep seeking the truth and trust in the Lord. When doubt starts getting into your head, I think a lot of the time those doubts are just negative thoughts and lies you start telling yourself and you start believing them. The biggest help in combating that is renewing your mind with truth.  Having good friends helps with that too; surrounding yourself with people that can encourage you – it definitely goes a long way.

Q: Sibrina (@brinadawn91) asked: What inspired you to get dreads? What kind of reactions do you get being a Christian having dreadlocks?

JC:  I remember being ten or eleven years old at six flags and seeing a guy with dreadlocks and going “whoa – I want those someday.” Later in life, I had really long hair and I was about to shave it all off, but I always wanted to do something different.  So I went and looked up how to do dreadlocks online and my mom helped me do it in the living room and when my Dad saw them, he freaked out!  As for the reaction, most people think it’s pretty cool.

Source: TouchTunes Official Tumblr

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Jason Talks about AI Season 12 & Only A Mountain

Yet another interview and article about Jason, Hollywood Reporter has a great write up about Jason’s event for the AI Season 12 Viewing Party & Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund later tonight in NYC! Jason also talks a bit about Only A Mountain, too. Check it out!

This Wednesday, millions of viewers will tune in to American Idol’s twelfth season premiere, and season seven alum, for one,Jason Castro can’t wait. That’s because Castro’s new album, Only a Mountain, will drop the day before the show’s first episode, and the Texas native plans to celebrate both events in a big way.

The former finalist will host “An Evening with Jason Castro Benefiting MusiCares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, Jan. 16. There, Castro plans on showcasing music from Only a Mountain with a 45-minute acoustic set, followed by an American Idol viewing party.

“It’s fun to marry two things together,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s going to be a sweet night. “

Being an Idol does have its perks. Castro admits that he already saw a special sneak-peek of the new season, and he loves what new judge Nicki Minaj is bringing to the table. He also adds that the tension between Minaj and Mariah Carey is apparent from the start.

“I don’t know if tension’s the [right] word, but I was pleasantly surprised by Nicki,” he says. “I don’t know too much about her, but she was very entertaining and I think a great addition to the show,” he raved.

Castro said Carey, who was a mentor on his season (he performed “I Don’t Wanna Cry”), is “pretty nice” to contestants. “I think a bit of the diva comes out,” he teases.

It’s been five years since Idol audiences were introduced to Castro, the blue-eyed, dreadlocked singer that judge Randy Jackson once said was like watching a “weird beach luau.” Castro’s season was the last time the panel included the original three-judge format of Simon CowellPaula Abdul, and Jackson. The following year, Kara DioGuardijoined the show.

“The original three,” Castro says of that season, which ended in a showdown between winner David Cook and runner-up David Archuleta. “That was intense. Nothing has been quite the same ever since. Even Simon’s new show [The X Factor]. It’s not the same. There was something really cool about the original three that is forever gone.”

His self-titled debut was released in April, 2010 through Atlantic Records and a subsequent release, Who I Am, on Atlantic Records/Word came out later that same year. Castro’s single, “You Are,” was successful at Christian radio, and the Idol even scored an appearance on the ABC show The Bachelor, notably as the entertainment for Jason Mesnick’s 2010 wedding to Molly Malaney.

“People still ask me, ‘Do you do weddings?’” he laughs. “When I say, not really, they say ‘But you did it on TV!’ I guess I do play weddings!”

Following that tour, Castro was anxious to create new music but got “bogged down with label discussions and re-negotiations,” he tells THR. That left Castro in a unique position to work with his new label, Nashville-based Word, for a year-and-a-half before beginning production on his new album.

“For a minute there, I was ready to just walk away and do my own album, but we were able to get something together, and move forward. I wrote for about two or three months, just writing, which I like to do, because I write a lot while I’m traveling but I love to have a set time to dive into writing and being creative.”

The title track, co-written by Seth Mosley and Mia Fieldes, offers the listener a message of hope and a promise that joy may be found in the “midst of trials.” Says Castro: “There is a reason it is the first single and the title track. It’s the spirit in which I want to carry out with everything I want to do. It’s obviously a serious song. It’s about having struggles and we have some mountains to get by, but it doesn’t have to be this heavy thing. I love the playfulness of the song. It’s only a mountain. These problems are not what they seem. When we are in the moment and we are having problems, we think it’s the end of the world, and you get a few steps down the road and realize, that no, it wasn’t.”

He also praised producers Matt BronleeweBen Glover, and David Garcia for allowing the songs breathing room in the studio.

“At first I was a little hesitant about using producers because I want all my music to be authentic and uniform and sounding like one, but it turned out a great way to do things,” he says.  “All three producers were guys I have been writing with for a long time and had relationships with. That is one thing I really cherished.  Not only writing with [them] but the same guys I recorded with. It really captured the essence of the songs. It was really a treat and a first for me.”

Idol fans may also notice the (uncredited) vocals of another Castro — brother Michael – in the background. Castro’s younger sibling, who made it to the Hollywood Rounds in season eight, is now an official Nashville resident, and Castro stayed with him while recording the new CD. This summer, the Castro brothers playfully released a few songs on YouTube, including a cover of X Factor judge Demi Lovato’s hit, “Give Your Heart A Break,” last year.

“We’re both kind of closet Demi Lovato fans,” he reveals. “She has a great voice.”

For Castro, Dallas is home with his wife, Mayhall, and one-year old daughter, Madeline. Mayhall remains Castro’s muse, and is the inspiration for the song, “If It’s Love,” which Castro says is a “special one.” The song, a pretty, piano-based track, focuses on a fight that the couple had the night before the singer had to hop on an early morning flight to another performance. “At that point you are exhausted. You know you are leaving and flying on a plane,” he said. “I was writing her an email and saying it’s not worth it, and just making that choice to love in the midst of all the tiredness and traveling.”

The other driving force for Castro is his faith. His values shine through on each track, particularly the inspirational “Rise to You” and the duet, “Same Kind of Broken” with newcomer Moriah Peters. “That’s what I wanted to share — I want to give people the hope,” he says. “Everybody has challenges, but I don’t think we need to let them get us down.”

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TheCelebrityCafe’s interview with Jason!

TheCelebrityCafe.com got a great interview with Jason talking about Only A Mountain, American Idol, and more. Check it out below!

American Idol alum Jason Castro, who released his highly anticipated albumOnly A Mountain Tuesday, has proven a wildly successful career since coming in fourth on the seventh season of American Idol. The dread-donning, acoustic singer is still close to his roots and he will sit down with some of his biggest fans Wednesday for the premiere of the twelve season of American Idol.

TheCelebrityCafe’s Sarah Douglas had the opportunity to speak to Jason about all things music, his tour, fatherhood and his new album.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: Tell me how your music has developed from when you were a contestant on American Idol to where you are now.

Jason Castro : I think there has been a lot of growing for me in these last few years, it’s hard to believe it’s been four years since I’ve been on the show! You think back to when I was on there, I had only been singing for about a year, so it was all real new. I left the show and I went and did my first album, which was an amazing experience as it was something new. But I think the one thing that is great this time around is I really feel like I knew what I was doing. I had some experience so felt that I had more input than previously.

I think it comes out in the sound as well. I loved making it and it really felt like a first for me. I guess the level of what we are doing now, the writing and recording, and there is definitely an evolution in the sound as well in the new album, I guess you could say it’s a little ‘rockier.’ There are a lot more electric guitars and little less acoustic. I think my debut album was fully acoustic and after playing on the acoustic for five years I decided I’d better branch out a bit (laughs). I think there is definitely a new sound but without losing the heart of songwriter, there is still the heart at the center of my stories and there are still light-hearted guitar moments, but not nearly as much as before.

TCC: Your new album, Only A Mountain, hits the shelves Jan. 15, so will fans have the opportunity to hear the old Jason as well as your new-found ‘electric’ side?

JC: For sure! Actually one of my favorite songs on the album is called “Stripped Down.” It’s a duet and I think that song will really connect with people. A lot of what I did on the show, I’m kind of a fan of the quieter moments when it’s just vocals and guitar and emotion, ya know? That’s always a high for me so that is one of my favorite songs on the record.

TCC: What does “Only A Mountain” mean to you?

JC: Well, to me it is a way of looking at things. It’s a perspective because we all have to deal with struggles and problems. We all go through that it’s a part of life, but its how we deal with that that I think affects our lives and how much we get out of it. That’s really what’s at the heart of Only A Mountain, it’s a light-hearted song but on a serious topic. There are hard things to go through, but I do believe that nothing is as bad as it seems- at least that is what I have learned. There’s those things that when in the moment I think ‘this is so terrible’ or ‘oh I’m never going to get through this,’ but there are so many instances like that and then you look back and realize they really weren’t that big of a deal.

For me, it is just about knows that all of our problems are temporary, that one small step on this long journey and you have to be able to find joy even in the hard times there is still a reason to smile. I hope at least one of my songs can do that for somebody going through a tough time.

TCC: You are spending the following day with some of your biggest American Idol fans to bring in the 12th Season with proceeds going to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. You will also be performing an acoustic set from your new album. What else will the event bring?

JC: Well, you got all of the details! (laughs) It’s going to be awesome, I really wanted to do something to celebrate the release of my new album and just the launch of this new time and it was really kind of tricky because of the tour I am on right now, it has me all over the place, so we ended up realizing we had a few things lined up in New York to do there and so we got to talking and we have a friend at the Rock of Music Hall and we talked about putting something together very low key and play some of our new songs, play an acoustic set and then we are all going to sit down and watch the season of Idol which I think will be really fun, something to share with my fans. The new music, the new season of Idol and at the end of the night everything will be going good and benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy so it’s going to be a great night, I can’t wait.

TCC: This season of American Idol brings a whole new judging panel compared to when you competed. How do you think the contestants will stack against Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, a brand new judging panel?

JC: There is definitely nothing like the original three, Simon, Randy and Paula, but even now Simon on his new show, it’s just not the same Simon. He’s different. I don’t think it will ever be ‘that’ again but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing thought, I think last season I just loved having Steven Tyler on there-he’s not Simon, but he brought a whole new energy to it. I think at the end of the day it is really going to come back to the talent, the judges have some say at the beginning in picking who we are going to see compete and I do think there is a very talented panel this year. I mean I am a HUGE Keith Urban fan. I actually got to see an advanced screening of the show the other night, the first episode, I will say I was pleasantly surprised by Nicki Minaj, she is a really great addition! She’s a little wild and she also had really constructive things to say. I think it’s fun to have a younger person, a little more today, and so I think it’s going to be a really great season.

TCC: Do you have any advice for this year’s American Idol competitors?

JC: You know, that’s always a tough one because you figure they have made it this far, they have shown that they have what it takes and I think it’s just remembering your best and not getting too serious about it. You have to enjoy it. Soak in those moments- speaking four years down the road, I look back and think ‘I can’t believe I did something like that,’ and it’s really cool. I look back on the memories so I have to say try not to get lost in all of the pressures and do your best.

TCC: Following your appearance in New York City, you hit the road for the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular. Who will be joining you on tour?

JC: It’s really great people playing in arena’s across the country, it’s ten bands for ten dollars and it’s a show not like anything else and it’s so fun to be a part of because nowhere else can you get this kind of show for $10. It’s really a great show and I am out with some of the biggest acts in the Christian music world like Toby Mac, Red, Mathew West, Jamie Grace, New Song- it’s a very diverse crowd too, as I just mentioned, one’s more Urban the other is heavy rock, I think that’s one of the cool things about it is you get perspective of things. It’s not very different from the American Idol tour as you get a sample from a variety of different types of artists. I’m just pumped to be a part of it.

TCC: You are away from home for a long period of time and you became a father recently, how is that?

JC: Yes, Madeline, she is 16 months and it is tough to leave, let me tell you. She loves music and she knows when it’s my music which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. When I leave and they are driving in the car and the music is on, if it’s not me she will sit in the back and say “Da-da.” It’s so cute and if I’m playing and you shut it off she will stop and go, “Da-da? Da-da?” It is so cute! She’s been doing it for months and I actually got to see it a few times. It’s really cute how she connects to me, she’ll come in and she’ll dance to music. I’ve got her a little drum set set up in the studio for her to bang around on.

TCC: After that concludes in March do you finally get down time?

JC: I think I will take a week or two off but think they are working on booking the next tour, I am going out with the Sidewalk Prophets, one of the bands on the tour now, they are really good friends and I am looking forward to spending some time with them. I think we will do one month with them then we are in the process of booking beyond that.

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‘Only A Mountain’ OUT TODAY!

onlyamountain It’s finally here! Jason’s newest studio album Only A Mountain has released today! You can buy it everywhere music is sold. You can also buy the album on iTunes (Deluxe Version), Amazon.com, and Jason’s webstore as well. If you had pre-ordered one of the packages for the album, your package should already be on it’s way!

Here is a nice article that USA Today wrote about the album as well as a few comments from Jason, check it out!

If you still think of Jason Castro as the easygoing folkie from American Idol, his new album may surprise you. For one thing, the dreadlocked singer from the show’s seventh season has picked up an electric guitar. For another, Only a Mountain — out today — depicts a young man more familiar with life’s struggles than he was three years ago when he released his first album.

Since that time, Castro has married and had a daughter (Madeline will turn 2 in August). Both events made a big impact on his perspective on life and, in turn, his songwriting. “Getting married, having kids — that really forces you to look at yourself and see what you’re all about,” he says. “In that, there is a bit of a struggle — it’s who I want to be versus who I am.”

In If It’s Love, a married couple choose to fight for rather than with each other. It’s a long way from the carefree strains of Castro’s 2010 single Let’s Just Fall in Love Again, even though the two songs share a theme.

“Anything worth having or worth doing is something you’re going to have to fight for,” he says. “I’ve juggled the music career and the travel. I’m still trying to cultivate a relationship that’s going to last a lifetime. It takes some work, and it’s not without conflict. Those conflicts — done right —-can create a stronger bond than ever. That’s the heard behind If It’s Love — it’s the choice in love, and I really do think it’s more of a choice than a feeling.”

On the song Only a Mountain. “Only a Mountain is a defining spot on the album. That’s the reason I titled the album that and the reason it’s the first single. It’s about having faith. That’s been a great realization of these last few years — the little things I’m going through, the struggles that seem like such a big deal but they’re not. So many other people go through the same thing. Really, this is just a short moment in a long journey. It helps to put things in that perspective.

On Enough, the song for his daughter. “When I started working on this album, my daughter had been born just a few months earlier. Everybody was like, ‘Oh, you must be so inspired! You must be writing all these songs about her!’ And I’m just there, smiling and thinking, ‘If you only knew that I wasn’t sleeping! I love this girl, but I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write a song.’ ” When he finally found that moment, “it really came down to ‘What do I want her to know?’ More than anything this is it: that she’s perfect the way God made her; she doesn’t have to try to be anybody else; no matter what, I’m going to love her. I want her to know that.”

On Moriah Peters, his duet partner for Same Kind of Broken. “While we were making the record, we were tossing around names of people that we could have on this duet. Because I’m in the contemporary-Christian music world, they were pulling out some CCM artists. Someone showed her to me, and I just fell in love with her voice. It’s a different sound than what you’re used to in this market. She’s a super-talented new artist.”

On the new American Idol season. “I really enjoyed it; I was pleasantly surprised,” he said after attending a preview screening in Dallas that showed highlights from the first two episodes. “You know who really surprised me, was Nicki Minaj. She was so entertaining! I can’t say I listen to too much of her music, but I really enjoyed her. I’m pretty excited, I must say. Hopefully, the talent will show up.”

On the Winter Jam tour. Through March, Castro will be part of the Winter Jam 2013 Tour Spectacular, a tour with a $10 ticket that features 10 Christian-music acts, including hip-hop artist TobyMac, rock group Red and singer-songwriter Matthew West. It’s the biggest tour Castro has been on since his Idol days. “I did a couple of Winter Jam dates two years ago,” he recalls. “I show up halfway through the tour to take somebody’s place — and I recognize the catering people. It was the same catering company that had done the Idol tour. It’s really neat, walking into some of the same arenas. In some places, you still see the Idol poster on the walls.”

On whether he ever considers cutting the dreads. “I definitely entertain that thought a lot. I don’t know if it would ever actually happen. I don’t know if I would say it’s a love-hate thing — more like a bored-not bored thing. I love my hair and how easy it is. Not having paid for a haircut in eight years is awesome. And I wake up and always look the same, which is really cool.” His daughter, Madeline, enjoys playing with his locks. “She grabs a dread and just yanks on it. Sometimes, she tries to pull herself up with it.”

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Winter Jam Performance Videos!

I found some great videos on Youtube of Jason performing a few shows from Winter Jam! Check them out.

All video credits go to their owners.

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VIDEO: The Making of ‘Only A Mountain’ – Episode 5 of 7: Having A Family

A few days ago episode 5 of 7 in Jason’s The Making of ‘Only A Mountain Youtube series was added. In this episode “Jason discusses how his life has changed since starting a family and how that has influenced his upcoming studio album, ‘Only A Mountain.’”
Check it out below!

Make sure to subscribe to Jason’s Youtube so you don’t miss any future episodes!

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Winter Jam has started!

The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular kicked off yesterday in Charleston, WV and wraps up in late March in San Antonio, Texas. You can catch Jason on the tour, as part of the preshow before the listed show starts!

Jason tweeted out on Thursday to confirm that he is a part of the preshow:

I’m a part of the pre-show that begins 30 minutes before the listed show starts.. sorry for the confusion!

You can check to see when Jason is coming to your city on the east coast by visiting JamTour.com and to find out more information about the show. In the sidebar there are also dates and locations listed.
The show is only $10 at the door with no tickets required. It will be a fun time for anybody!

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615 Spotlight: Jason Castro Moves ‘Mountain’

Billboard wrote up this great article about Jason’s Only A Mountain album coming out the 15th! You can read the article below.

“American Idol” alum Jason Castro is counting down the days until the January 15 release of his new album, “Only A Mountain.”

“It’s been quite some time since my debut came out, so I’m anxiously looking forward to it,” Castro tells Billboard. “I remember that in the beginning when we started writing and recording it, I thought ‘Is this really going to happen? Are we really going to do this?’ I’m so excited. It’s all kind of surreal, in a way.”

Castro explains that many of the tracks on the new disc represent a growth and maturity of his personal life over the past few years. “I think a good portion of the album has been directly influenced or inspired by family life, and things that have gone on the past few years. It’s definitely a snapshot of the last few years of my life. I hope they inspire people in their own journeys.”

The title track of the disc serves as the first single, and Castro explains that’s no coincidence. “We picked that song because that’s the overall message that we wanted to impart. That’s one of the biggest lessons I have learned over the last few years – realizing that the struggles or problems I have faced, are so small in the big scheme of things. But, it’s all about having faith, and waiting it out. Things always get better. One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard – and I don’t know who said it, was ‘Everything will be ok, and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.’ I’ve said that quote a lot over the years, and I feel the song catches that spirit.”

That spirit can be felt in the powerful video for the song, which features many shots of what has become a trademark for the singer – his smile. “That’s kind of a bad habit for me,” he laughs. “I’m always smiling. I guess it’s just the most natural space for me. There’s always something to smile about, I do believe, and we had a lot of fun in making the album. I got to be creative in other ways besides music in the video — we did a lot with paint and chalk in it. I really enjoyed it.”

In addition to the album, Castro plans to rack up the miles on the road to promote it. “2013 is going to be a great year. I start on a tour called Winterjam in January, and there are a lot of tour plans going on right now beyond that. It’s always exciting to get out there with new music. Being out there, and connecting with fans in a live setting is one of my favorite parts of being an artist.”

The Texan is proud of his association with Nashville-based Word — one of the biggest Christian music companies in the world. “It’s been a great partnership,” he states. “I had worked with them for over a year on a trial run before we made the album together, so I knew from the beginning that Word was the right place to be. I feel so greatly supported there, and that my artistry is very nurtured there.”

Of course, as an “American Idol” alum, we couldn’t let him get away without asking his opinion concerning the next season and the new judges. “Time will tell,” he says. “I’m always eager to watch for the talent, but I have heard a lot of opinions on the judges. Personally, I am a big Keith Urban fan, so I think I am really going to enjoy him. I thought that Steven Tyler was a really cool addition to the show last year, and I think Keith will be very much like that.”

On January 16, fans can join him for “An Evening with Jason Castro Benefitting MusiCares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” in New York City. The event will include an acoustic set by the singer featuring his new music and a special viewing party for the premiere of the 12th Season of “American Idol” on FOX. At the start of the year, Castro is set to embark on Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, the world’s No. 1 tour (first quarter), alongside headliner TobyMac.

“An Evening with Jason Castro Benefitting MusiCares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” will take place on January 16 at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Castro will kick off the event with a 45-minute acoustic set with music from the new album. Then, fans will have the opportunity to watch the new season of “American Idol” with the former contestant.

A limited number of tickets are available here. Proceeds benefit the MusiCares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

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